Blue Linen Apron Dress

Leichtes blaues Leinenkleid

Way back in July I made this awesome Linen Dress that I couldn’t get out all over the rest of summer. Unfortunately now it’s a tad too cold, I should have a look around for a decent matching cardigan or even make one myself. I’ve never made a cardigan, that would be a goal for chilly but still mild autumn days to come.


The dress was made using the same pattern I already used for making the black and cream Button Dress I wore during Me-made-May. It’s copied from a german BURDA Moden mag from the 60s.

BURDA Moden 8/69

I had to adjust the size quite a bit because it was for teens wearing Size super XS but I got it done. The black dress dress is fitting quite nicely even if it was just a musline. The blue linen is even better though.

Leichtes blaues Leinenkleid

To fancy things up a bit I wanted my blue dress looking slightly like the typical apron dress which housewives in Germany used to wear during the 50s and 60s to save their better dresses for sundays 😉 Therefore I found some giant cheap white bed sheet buttons to go with it. I quite like the look.

Leichtes blaues Leinenkleid

And look, I even managed the button tab to stay closed while wearing the dress ;D

Leichtes blaues Leinenkleid

And yeah, right, my hair is shorter. Was a bit of an accident but I like it on some days. Anyway, it will grow back, right? 😉

Have a nice weekend,


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