Me-Made-May ’14 Round-Up



I made it! Even if I missed blogging about the last two roundups in time: Me-Made-May’14, a project initiated by Zoe. As to my pledge I wore primarily me-made clothing and or accessories each day of May 2014. I also found out a lot about my wardrobe needs and even managed to fill some gaps already. What I didn’t do was taking my everyday picture but at least I wore an already documented garment on these days or smuggled in an older pic 😉


My fave outfit: Red Skirt, RTW sweater and detachable crochet collar, day 18.

The photo documentation helped me discovering quite a few facts about me, my style and my wardrobe, first of all the black thing: Wearing mainly black was no surprise but adding a little colour was (and still is) the real challenge. Before MMMay’14 I often tried the hard way, sewing garments like the following dress to force myself wearing colours with the result that even if I can wear it, I don’t.

I know I CAN wear the dress but I came to dislike it because I feel like a parrot in it.

I know I CAN wear the dress but I came to dislike it because I feel like a parrot.

A better, more thoughtful way surely is adding colour within or similar to black like navy, dark brown or such. These attempts made me feel way more comfortable with and within myself and I plan to go on like this until I am brave enough for the little red dress ;D

The other thing I learnt is I have quite A LOT of me-mades not really appropriate to wear over a common day. I mean there are days you totally can wear a black dress with cream-coloured buttons adorning the front from head to knee but still it feels awkward running errands like this on a daily basis. Know what I mean?

Imagine buying potting soil like this, taking it home and work in the garden… just saying.

Imagine buying potting soil like this, taking it home and work in the garden… just saying.

My MMMay Conclusion

What I need are more separates, casuals maybe, even if I passionately dislike “casual wear”. To me casual wear is the reason why style is becoming more and more notably absent on the streets. Everybody seems to be off to “just walking the dog” looking like a troll in jerseys, yoga pants or “fave” denims yearning for a wash. Just no! I need casual style that fits, is flattering to my figure, classy, comfy and easy to mix up. I would like to open my wardrobe without being afraid that the only item matching the skirt I want to wear that day is in the laundry!

Thank you!

Last but not least I would like to thank some of the Me-Made-Ladies for keeping up with me during the challenge, for daily inspiration, a lorry load of new ideas, views and insights and for the fun of sharing my wardrobe with you! Thanks for being around! You rock!

Thanks for MMMay’14!

Thanks for MMMay’14! Keep in touch!

More MMMay ’14

Find more MMMay pics on flickr or pinterest

xoxo, Jasz


8 thoughts on “Me-Made-May ’14 Round-Up

  1. Merche says:

    You rock! Love your style and your photos. It is funny how almost all of us get to the same conclusion: we need more separates…but dresses are oh so pretty!!!
    Working on shirts over here 🙂

    • Jasmin says:

      Thanks, Merche! I am in love with dresses, too, but problem is, you cannot mix them up. For sure you know exactely what I mean and still… there is that heartbeat each time I see a nice dress pattern. Da-dumm! Da-dumm! WANT! 😉

  2. Judy aka googoojue says:

    congratulations! awesome project you were on, you should be so proud of yourself! I agree casual wear kills style along with the plethora of stores that churn out fashion by the cheap boatload. You’re an inspiration, Jazz!

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