Lowfat & Sugarfree Persimmon Shortbread

Persimmon Shortbread, vegan, low-fat, sugarfree

Love shortbread but not the calories it brings on? Try my Persimmon or Banana Shortbread! It’s vegan, lowfat and sugarfree but tastes like sin 🙂

Kaki als Fettersatz in Backwaren | Schwatz Katz

I love Persimmon!

Persimmons taste slightly like marzipan, that’s what makes them so perfect for baking shortbread. Don’t worry though, their aroma isn’t very recognizable.

Banane als Fettersatz in Backwaren | Schwatz Katz

If you don’t like Persimmon, you can add a very ripe banana instead

If you don’t like Persimmon you can always use a pretty ripe banana instead. Note: Their aroma is very recognisable though.

Kaki Shortbread | Schwatz Katz

In any case, you should know my shortbread has a different consistency from common shortbread. It tastes great and is lighter on your hips but it’s different, too. In my book, it’S good enough and I can always have one more ;D

Kaki Shortbread | Schwatz Katz

Persimmon (or Banana) Shortbread, lowfat and sugarfree

approx. 10-12 pieces

Dry ingredients
180-200 gr Flour
1 Pinch Vanilla Extract
1 Pinch Salt

Frucht und Öl
1 Persimmon or 1 Banana (approx. 120 gr)
2 Dates, soaked for 30 mins in hot water
60 gr extra virgin Coconut Oil, soft
1 Pinch organic lemon zest, freshly grated or dry

Mix dry ingredients in a bowl.

Kaki Shortbread | Schwatz Katz

Mix Dates and Persimmon (or banana) thoroughly in a blender.

Kaki Shortbread | Schwatz Katz

Add Coconut Oil and lemon zest and blend again until soft.

Kaki Shortbread | Schwatz Katz

Add half or so of the dry mix to the blender, blend, and knead in the rest of the flour by hand. Your dough should be slightly „gummy“ and elastic but not gooey. If it’s too crumbly add a bit of soy milk or water.  Not too much though.

Kaki Shortbread | Schwatz Katz

If you like finger shortbread, form dough to a rough rectangle (approx. 1/2 inch high), pack into parchment paper and freeze for about 15 mins or put it into the fridge for at least 30 mins to harden.
Or form a thick roll (see below) which you pack in parchement paper, freeze or put into fridge.

Preheat oven to 175° C (350°F).


When hardened slice into 1 inch fingers or 1/2 inch cookie discs with a sharp knife.


Kaki Shortbread | Schwatz Katz

Place on an baking sheet, lower your oven temperature from 175° C (350° F) to 150°C (300° F) and bake for 20-30 minutes until light golden brown.

Please note If you are wondering about the low temperature, you should know that baking goods with fruit instead of fat tend to dry out on the outside while their inside is still raw. 🙂

Kaki Shortbread | Schwatz Katz

Let them cool and enjoy to tea or coffee.

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