paul und ich

This is Jasmin aka. Jasz Schneider, a 60s lover, living in Berlin/Germany with 2 tom-cats (Paul and Rosi) and Sven, my hubs.

I’m a graphic designer and illustrator, crafter, dolly designer, amateur photographer, devoted seamstress and part-time blogger. I’m looking to improve my skills in posting and hopefully discussing my results with like-minded people out there, finding gaps in my wardrobe and add more colour to it over the time. Your comments and thoughts are more than welcome, don’t hesitate to follow my blog on Bloglovin, Facebook, Email (please use the subscription form on the left) or however you fancy.

More Jasz on the Web

Schwatz Katz (german crafting blog)
blender70 illustrations
JASMIN! Prints on Posterlounge
*jaszmade fashion for Blythe
Jasz Schneider on Facebook
Jasz Schneider on Tumblr


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