Me Made May 2015, I am in!

Me Made May ’15

I, Jasmin, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’15. I endeavour to wear at least one me-made or refashioned gament each day for the duration of May 2015!

After I had a lot of fun with Me Made May last year, I decided to take part again. My personal challenge is (still) to add more colour to my mostly black wardrobe but you may see, so far the only other colour I managed to add is (off-)white… LOL!

Me made May 2015, Jasmin

Day 1, light jersey dress, self-drafted with polka dot accents

Me Made May 2015, Jasmin

Me Made May ’15, Day 2: Wearing a jersey dress I just finished last week. The pattern base is the Burdastyle Sheath Dress and I added some hidden pockets to the French darts 🙂

Also, I obviously got hooked on stripes. I don’t know why but I didn’t even realise it until last week when I put out all my dresses in a row to get ready for Me Made May ’15 and my hubs said: Ah, typical Jasz dresses, striped and black.


Me Made May

Me Made May ’15, Day 3, another kid jersey dress after Burdastyle Sheath Dress. You see, I am lazy when it comes to patterns. Once a pattern fits, I just altering it to another style. Way easier than to make a muslin for a new pattern every week.

Me Made May

Me Made May ’15, Day 4: My Pocket Dress (blogged here) made from polo jersey which I love dearly! It is kind of a Frankendress because I put it together from different patterns such as the Burdastyle Sheath Dress (ah? Really?) and a pattern hack from Colettepatterns, one of the best hacks for pocket dresses out there! Look for Mod-ified Laurel.

Me Made May ’15, Jasmin

Me Made May ’15, Day 5: More stripes, more jersey and a self drafted pattern. I may be hooked….

Another thing I would love to do during this may challenge is establishing a routine and keeping up blogging here on Jasz the Schneider. Some of you may know my german blog, Schwatz Katz, which is eating up all my online time. Still, I would love to share more of my sewing efforts and maybe some of my beauty recipes over here. Will see.

Me Made May, Day 6

Me Made May ’15, Day 6: No stripes, no jersey but a wearable muslin I made last year for the Blue Linen Apron Dress (blogged here). The pattern is from a vintage Burda Moden.

Since it is easier to take daily pics with my (head enlarging, thank you very much) iPhone, I am posting my Me Mades on instagram. If you do too, I would be happy to meet you over there 🙂

Have a nice week,


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