Pocket Dress inspired by Mod-ified Colette Laurel

Pocket Dress | Jasz the Schneider

Oh man, I love this dress! I mean, seriously, what can you do if you love stripes and jersey and you come along a fabric like that? It’s a light-weighted polo piqué, elastic but not growing, the creme colour is exactely the tone I do not look like your common dead body in so… there is no way around it, is it?

Das „Versteckte Taschen“ Kleid | Schwatz Katz

And guess what, I didn’t use my sloper dress pattern and altered it to my liking. This time I used the Burdastyle Sheath Dress for the benefit of french darts, made a muslin, altered it to fit my body (was not all too easy because the fitting of the sleeve caps alone drove me big time crazy) and got inspired by Colette’s Mod-ified Laurel Pocket Dress.

Das „Versteckte Taschen“ Kleid | Schwatz Katz

Yeah, I cannot just take a pattern and sew it, I just have to fiddle with everything. Keeps me going 😉 Anyway, I wish I’ve used Laurel because Colette’s instructions make it so easy to modify.

Das „Versteckte Taschen“ Kleid | Schwatz Katz

I still think the sleeves as well as the sleeve caps could be a tad tighter. There is way too much fabric under each armpit as you can see on the picture above. I already altered the sheesh out of these crazy sleeves but still… ack! Anyway, I’ll give the dress a good wash before I decide to open the seams again. Maybe they shrink a bit or let me say, I hope they do! 😉

Das „Versteckte Taschen“ Kleid | Schwatz Katz

I also have to think about making another light coloured slipdress because the one I have is showing under the neckline front. I really like wearing slipdresses instead of dresses with full lining. It is not only less time-consuming while sewing but you can also change the undergarment with the season.

Das „Versteckte Taschen“ Kleid | Schwatz Katz

I’m already planning another pocket dress, maybe without french seams this time, I’m just not sure about my fabric choice…, I bet linen would look awesome, black linen, nah, golden brown maybe… we’ll see!

Happy Sewing,


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