Rosa Amigurumi, Variation Betty, eBook Add-on

Bestest friends: Rosa the Modgirl and Betty Blue

A few days ago I presented my latest amigurumi doll pattern Rosa the Modgirl, a nice little girl loving pastels, Beat music and bass players. Those of you who already bought the eBook from my ravelry or etsy store may wait for some variations I promised to post on my blog. And here you go with the first of them: Meet Rosa’s friend Betty, herself in love with the sixties, bows and up-dos. 

Amigurumi Variation Betty

You see, Betty really loves her blue hair neatly done in a big updo adorned with her favourite bow.

Amigurumi Variation Betty

Next to changing the main colour palette of the Rosa crochet pattern, I divided the dress into two parts giving the expression as if the girl is wearing a top and mini skirt with a stylish belt around the hips. I also changed the shape of the bib and collar slightly.

Amigurumi Variation Betty

Are you ready to give Miss Betty a chance? Here we go!

Rosa Amigurumi, Variation Betty

Please note: In this tutorial I only explain the CHANGES I made on the original Rosa Amigurumi pattern. If you would like to crochet Betty you still need the pattern eBook Rosa the Modgirl which is available for only U$ 7,50 as an instant download in my ravelry or etsy store.

Rosa the Mod Girl, Amigurumi-Muster als eBook

The original eBook Rosa the Modgirl is the base for crocheting Betty


Size approx. 14 inches.

Yarn I love using 100% cotton for hook size 3mm for my amigurumi but you may use whatever yarn you have at hand.

Suggested Colors Blue for hair; Cream for skin; Sunny Yellow and China Blue for top and skirt; Brown for boots.

Hook I always use the hook size given on my yarn. If you are a loose crocheter better use a hook size smaller than recommended. Amigurumi love tight stitches!

Misc Buttons, lace, felt, threading needle, belt buckle

Stuffing I use both pellets and stuffing cotton for my amigurumi. Pellets are great for rounded areas like hands and feet. Me personally, I love light basic stuffing, just enough to hold the intended form but still soft to the touch.

Skills, Stitches, Abbreviations You should be familiar with basic embroidery stitching such as back stitch (for hair embroidery and details) and the picot knot (eyes); chain (ch), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), increasing (m2) and decreasing (dec) as well as the magic (adjustable) ring plus special stitches (photo tutorial). The pattern is worked in rounds, marking the first stitch.

Terminology This pattern is written in American crochet terminology.

Making Betty

Dress to Top and Skirt

Using your new colour palette you work Betty just like Rosa until row 35 (Torso/Dress section), end C3 (yellow), join C4 (china blue) and go on until the the end (row 46).

Make brown Boots

as explained

Bib & Collar

Betty’s drop-shaped bib is slightly bigger than Rosa’s. The collar is bigger as well.

Rosa amigurumi Betty, dekor



For a proper up-do we will need to add a filled ball to the crown of the amigurumi doll’s head.

Amigurumi Variation Betty

The Ball

For abbreviations please see Rosa the Modgirl’s eBook

1. R., 6 Stitches, m6 in magic ring
2. R., 12 Stitches, m2 in in each
3. R., 18 Stitches, m2 in each 2nd
4. R., 24 Stitches, m2 in each 3rd
5. R., 30 Stitches, m2 in each 4th
6.-11. R.; work even, fill
12. R., dec each 4th
13. R., dec each 3rd
14. R., dec each 2nd, end; fill.

Fill and sew the finished Ball to the crown of the doll’s head (see picture above for alignment) and integrate it when embroidering the hair as shown in the amigurumi pattern.

The Bow

Amigurumi Variation Betty

in Blue
1. R., 6 Stitches, m6 in magic ring
2. R., 12 Stitches, m2 in in each
3. R., 18 Stitches, m2 in each 2nd
4.-10. R., work even
11. R., dec 2nd, 6th, 12th und 16th
12. R., work even
13. R. m2 in 2nd, 6th, 12th und 16th
14.-20. R., work even
15. R., dec each 2nd
16. R., dec each, end, leave long tail and use it to close the small gap.

Finish the bow in wrapping yarn around its middle section until it looks nice and add it as an adorable extra to her coiffure. Tadaaa! 🙂


Amigurumi Variation Betty

I found this tiny belt buckle among my doll treasure but if you can’t find any, just make one from wire or use a cute button. The belt itself is just loose yarn wrapped around Betty’s hips. Get creative and give her your own style!

Amigurumi Variation Betty

And there you go! Now your Rosa has a friend to share secrets, tears and tea.

Have a nice day,


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