MMMay ’14, Week 3 Roundup


Another week passed and daily I am surprised how many me-made items there are in my wardrobe! Somehow I was always MAKING things without a plan HOW to wear them. Know what I mean? For example I made a skirt or some trousers but didn’t think about a matching top. So I ended up wearing black tops over everything and got bored with separates all together. Then I started making dresses like mad without considering the weather or the occasion when to wear it. The result was I felt awkward wearing me-made dresses while running errands because most of them clearly call for a special occasion like a dinner or whatever and no a grocery store cam!

I tried to change this problem a million times already but after a few days I was back on just MAKING not PLANNING things. I think MMMay will help finding a way out of this dilemma. Last weekend I didn’t just go fabric shopping, I took fabric samples of my skirts and trousers with me and looked for possible fabrics for tops matching the separates. You bet I found something 😉 That’s a good start, isn’t it?

Week 3 Roundup


Day 12 Repeater Governess Dress

Day 13 Repeater Jeans with RTW top

Day 14 self-drafted black hipster & Lydia top

Day 15  Lydia top (yes, again!) and pimped up RTW skirt

Day 16 yet another Lydia top with off-white linen skirt (repeater)

Day 17 B&W Button Dress after a 60s BURDA MODEN pattern

Day 18 self drafted skirt (after the RTW skirt I wore on day 15), RTW top and one of my beloved detachalbe crochet collars

More MMMay ’14

Find more MMMay pics on flickr or pinterest

Have a nice week,


2 thoughts on “MMMay ’14, Week 3 Roundup

  1. Margo B says:

    Great week Jasz! I really like your red skirt and think that I need to make a red skirt for myself! Checking out other bloggers makes always makes my project list grow!!! Thaaaaanks a lot. 😉
    On another note…I accidentally deleted your comment on my blog..I’m sorry! I’m trying to figure out how to retrieve it. Thanks for commenting…it looks as though you are taking some pics outside but I do love your blue or red wall indoor pics too! They are quite striking and suit you wardrobe palette.

    • Jasmin says:

      Thanks, Margo!
      I am happy to be able to inspire you as well because you are an inspiration for me, too! I wish my me-made wardrobe would be half as flawless as yours. Way to go 🙂
      No problem with the comment, I just wanted to say that I really need to take more pictures outside and your tips were great! Thanks for them 🙂
      See you on flickr,

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