Pattern Frenzy: Burdastyle’s Lydia Top

Pattern Frenzy: Lydia Top BurdaStyle

First top I made based on Lydia by BurdaStyle; I added a half Peter Pan collar.

I am known for sticking to one pattern when I found one I really like. That’s exactely the case with Burdastyle’s Lydia Top! It is a quick sew, don’t need a lot of attention and I didn’t need to juggle with the often weird sizes of Burda’s. I just cut the pattern out in my size, shortened it in the middle section because I need to do this with every pattern and tadaaa… it fitted right away!

Pattern Frenzy: Lydia Top BurdaStyle

Anyway, there are some flaws I already mentioned in my Casual Top and Jeans post a few weeks ago: These wrinkles coming from under the armpits plus the boobs area could use a tad more room.

high-angled breast darts on Lydia

So I added some high-angled breast darts because I really like the shape they are giving your body and I quite like the result.

Pattern Frenzy: Lydia Top BurdaStyle

Looks nice, doesn’t it? This version of Lydia is also shortened quite a bit to wear over skirts and I also passed on the half Peter Pan collar. It is a leeeeetle too short to wear over pants but well, I can always make another one, right? 😉

Pattern Frenzy: Lydia Top BurdaStyle

Next in line is a Lydia with a yoke, “hidden” breast darts and Peter Pan collar plus shortened sleeves.


This one is a bit longer than the one with the stripes so I can wear it over pants as well. I like it even if it looks a bit like a PJ’s top, teeheee! 😉

Here is how I hid the breast darts between yoke and lower front part (illustration right).


I just cut the pattern over my breast using my breast point as a guide and cut out triangles of 1,5 cm (0.6 inches) each of yoke and lower front. That’s it, great fit! I am happy.

Lydiawith a Yoke

Next thing I want to better is the sit of sleeve cap because they are pretty tall what looks great with your arms down. You can see on the photo above what happens when you raise your arms just that tiny bit to place your hands on your hips: The cap pushes up quite a bit. Annoying, isn’t it? Well, that’s a task for another day though 🙂

Thanks for reading, have a great sewing day,


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