Rosa the Mod Girl Amigurumi Pattern

Rosa the Mod Girl, Amigurumi-Muster als eBook

May I introduce Rosa the Mod Girl, another Amigurumi Doll I made to share. She likes listening to Beat music and loves pastels and bass players. If you are following my yarn advice, Rosa is approx. 13.8 inches tall but you can change her size easily just using thicker thread for a bigger Rosa or a thinner thread for a smaller one. 

Rosa the Mod Girl, Amigurumi-Muster als eBook

Using the same pattern with slight variations I gave Rosa some friends, Danuta (center) and Jojo (right). Danuta is sporting another colour combination plus I gave her dress some stripes after she was done. Jojos dress is a bit shorter because I skipped 2-3 rows and omitted the seam stitch which you will find described within the pattern and which gives the dresses their seam… obviously 😉 You see how easy it is to change Rosa’s character after your liking!

Instant Download the eBook for only U$ 7.50

Rosa the Mod Girl, Amigurumi-Muster als eBook

Rosa Mod Girl pattern comes as an easy to follow 10-Pages-eBook containing crochet charts for each part of Rosa’s body, and a lot of photographs to guide you through the trickier steps like hair embroidery or other details.

You can instantly download it on Ravelry, Etsy for only U$ 7.50.

Rosa the Mod Girl, Amigurumi-Muster als eBook

More Facts about Rosa the Mod Girl Crochet Pattern

Size approx. 13.8 inches.

Yarn I love using 100% cotton for hook size 3mm for my amigurumi but you may use whatever yarn you have at hand.

Suggested Colors Pink for hair; Cream for skin; Blue for dress and boots; black and pink for details or whatever you fancy!
Hook I always use the hook size given on my yarn. If you are a loose crocheter better use a hook size smaller than recommended. Amigurumi love tight stitches!

Misc Buttons, lace, felt, threading needle, embroidery yarn

Stuffing I use both pellets and stuffing cotton for my amigurumi. Pellets are great for rounded areas like hands and feet. Me personally, I love light basic stuffing, just enough to hold the intended form but still soft to the touch.

Skills, Stitches, Abbreviations You should be familiar with basic embroidery stitching such as back stitch (for hair embroidery and details) and the picot knot (eyes); chain (ch), single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc), increasing (m2) and decreasing (dec) as well as the magic (adjustable) ring plus special stitches (photo tutorial). The pattern is worked in rounds, marking the first stitch.

Terminology This pattern is written in American crochet terminology.

Rights You may use this pattern for yourself and gift making only. Please do not sell items you made using it or sell or copy this pattern. Instead feel free to share it through my Ravelry or Etsy.

Thank you and enjoy!

Rosa the Mod Girl, Amigurumi-Muster als eBook


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