Me-Made-May’14: My Pledge

Me Made May 2014

Being a participant in Zoe’s Me-Made-May is something I wanted to do forever but since I am camera-shy especially when it comes to take a photo of myself on a daily basis, I always skipped after the first try in the past. That needs to be over! So 2014 is my year! I am going to do it! YAY!


Today’s MMM: A one day old blue skirt with buttoned front that so far has no matching top(s).

Me-Made-May is all about wearing primarily clothes or accessories you made yourself. For me this is a great opportunity to find out what I really need instead of sewing things that are hanging nicely in my wardrobe or are worn only once because they are too flashy or just match to only one other garment and so on. In short, I would love to discover my personal wardrobe needs and I really really really want to get over this silly camera constraint of mine. It just holds me back from what I love to do: Sewing, wearing, showing and blogging about clothes I really want to wear!


Looking silly on piccies isn’t making a complete moron out of me, right!? LOL!

So here is my pledge

I, Jasmin of Jasz the Schneider blog, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear primarily me-made clothing and/or accessories plus taking my picture each day and blog about it once a week for the duration of May 2014 to find out more about my personal wardrobe needs!


I should readjust the second last button, right!? 😉


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