Sherlock’s Coat – My January-Inspiration

[Click here for german version]

Januar-Inspiration: Sherlock-Mantel

I just love my new Sherlock-inspired coat! Not that it actually looks like the original, I just wanted to make a black winter coat, probably with something red on it and in any case it should have a really warm collar to protect me from the bad weather habits of Berlin’s winter – just that we hadn’t such a bad one this year….

Januar-Inspiration: Sherlock-Mantel

But still there was one week or so we actually had snow and freezing cold wind from the east. But you know what? It was exactely the week I finished my coat. Made me jump 😉

Januar-Inspiration: Sherlock-Mantel

Januar-Inspiration: Sherlock-Mantel

The collar which I salvaged from an old jacket is really helpful against icy breezes. If it is not really cold outside you actually sweat under it! So I added a hook which allows me to close it if needed. Otherwise the collar is just a fancy fake fur collar.

Januar-Inspiration: Sherlock-Mantel

But my two fave features on my Sherlock coat are the black and white buttons and the red lining which I added instead of red button holes 😉 ♥

Januar-Inspiration: Sherlock-Mantel

The pattern I used is from a german Burda Moden magazine (2/1970) and it’s actually the same pattern I already used for the short coat I made last year. I just had to add a little length for “Sherlock”.

Januar-Inspiration: Sherlock-Mantel

I love a little Sherlock-moment, don’t you?

Thanks for reading and have a beautiful day,


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